Saif Mansour Interviews with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Radio

Breakwater founder and Managing Partner shares his private investment firm’s unique investment strategy with leading Bloomberg news anchor and radio host.

LOS ANGELES, AUGUST 2013 – Saif Mansour, founder and Managing Partner of Breakwater Management, LP (“Breakwater”) has been interviewed by Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Radio’s “Taking Stock with Pimm Fox.” Breakwater is a private investment firm based in Los Angeles that specializes in direct investments in leading lower middle market businesses that demonstrate attractive opportunities for growth.

As the host of “Taking Stock,” Fox provides access to the world of professional investors through conversations with top Wall Street analysts, fund managers, and CEOs. The in-depth investment program offers insight into company news, long-term strategy, trading tactics, market techniques, stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies.

“At Breakwater, we are specialists at providing growth capital to leading lower middle market businesses in a minority, non-controlling fashion,” said Mansour. “This means we have the capability to provide flexible capital solutions to a broad array of businesses across a variety of sectors. We can customize our products to meet the needs of a specific business growth opportunity. In certain situations Breakwater will offer a pure play debt solution, which can mitigate dilution to the existing ownership; but we have the ability to buy into the equity table as well, when the structure of the transaction or the opportunity merits a customised approach and calls for a hybrid debt and equity solution.”

Breakwater targets highly promising growth-oriented companies typically underserved by the broader capital markets, Mansour explained on the program. The firm focuses on businesses that have significant growth opportunity in front of them before realizing a liquidity event, but that need a capital partner to realize that growth opportunity.


Breakwater Management is a private investment firm that specializes in direct investments in lower middle market growth businesses. The firm serves as General Partner of Breakwater Credit Opportunities Fund, LP, a $100 million open-ended private investment partnership organized in August 2008 under Delaware law. The Fund’s investment objective is to generate both current income and capital appreciation through secured debt investments accompanied with equity participation rights, primarily in growth-oriented companies across a variety of industries.

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